Internal Quotation Tool
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The Internal quotation tool is used by your team to create quotes for customers. There are occasions when your customers may send CAD files via email or may ask you to create the CAD from a drawing as part of additional service you may offer.

Once you have the CAD you can then create a quote with the customers details and set the correct specifiactions before sending it to the customer.

Clicking the Internal Quotation button will load the above page in a new tab. This page is only seen by your internal users. You can see which user is logged in at the top of the page.

If your quoting team works in different langauges, they can change the languuage of the widget using the language menu.

There is an option to have a "help" video for your team to ensure they all know how to quote parts for your customers.

The get a new quote button will restart the quoting session, removing all existing models and clear the cart. It is important when getting prices to 'get a new quote' for each customer to ensure that the pricing is correct and upload limits aren't reached.

In my account, users can see all previous models they have uploaded, orders that have been created, and edit the color theme and text on the widget. It is advised that this is only completed by admin staff as any changes made will be see by both internal staff and external customers.

If creating a new customer, select the new customer tab and enter their details. By default a registration email is sent to the customer. They will be able to see the status of their orders and pay for their parts once they have an account. Unticking the box will stop the registration email being sent.

If you are creating a quote for an existing customer, select 'choose from the list' and find the customer in the list. Once you have selected the correct customer, click the customer to be taken to the next page.

You can now begin uploading the customer parts by either browsing for the files or dragging and dropping them into the upload window. If the customer is repeat ordering parts, you can find all previously uploaded models using the recent uploads list.

Once your parts have been uploaded, the analysis will begin and a price will be shown on the quoting tool. From here you can select the correct specification and qty of parts, as requested by your customer.

When happy with your selections, click 'confirm' to move the part into the 'Cart'. If required, you can upload additional parts or change the specification. This will update the part in the 'Cart'.

Click the 'Add Order Details' button to be taken to the next page where you can calculate shipping, add the customer details and finalise the quote before sending it to them.

Clicking the 'Send Offer button will send the customer an email with a URL link to the quote, Once they confirm the order a payment page will load, allowing them to pay for the order with a credit card, bank transfer, or Purchase Order.

If you want to modify the quote further, before clicking 'Send Offer' you can add additional services using the Add services section.

Alternatively, saving as draft will take you to the draft order overview page where you can modify the manufacture costs, change the cost of shipping and add additonal startup costs, discounts and post processes. Once happy with the price you can click the 'send quote' button to send the quote.


There is an upload limit of 30 parts in one quoting session. If you reach this limit you must click 'Get A New Quote' to start a new quote and continue uploading parts.

If you need this limit increased, please let us know. We can raise the limit but must specify that quoting time may be greatly reduced with higher upload limits.

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