After working with hundreds of manufacturing businesses around the world, we know that customization is key. In this edition of DigiFabster's Feature Highlights, we're taking a close look at order-review modes, which can be tailored to your shop's specific needs. 

There are four settings for accepting orders: 

Instant payment mode:  All orders are placed and paid for without being manually reviewed by your shop. DigiFabster's 20-point analysis, instant fixes to CAD files, and automated quoting tool work together and estimate a price for your customer within minutes. When connected to DigiFabster's e-commerce tool, customers can place their order immediately upon receiving their quote. 

Manual mode: Shops can automatically receive and review files online 24/7, but a final manufacturing estimate will not be delivered to the customer until it's reviewed by your shop. 

Manual mode with a threshold (also known as semi-manual): All orders up to a certain amount of U.S. dollars can be placed and paid for without being reviewed by your shop. You decide what your price threshold is. Orders that exceed your designated amount will be held for your shop's review.

You can set up Instant, Manual, and Semi-Manual order reviews on your Settings page

TBD Mode: Customers can upload, fix and view 3D models, choose material and other options, and place their order without seeing prices in the widget. Your shop can then perform a back-office inspection of the order and models, and send a quote to your customer within minutes.

For TBD Mode, simply contact DigiFabster via our online chat tool or email, and we’ll switch on this mode for you in a matter of minutes.

DigiFabster is committed to helping you streamline your sales process so you can increase orders and revenue without increasing headcount. If you have any questions about DigiFabster's suite of manufacturing shop software, don't hesitate to contact us

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