Clients Main Page Guide
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The Clients page is where you can see a list of all your customers, users that have created an account with you to get prices from you quoting tool or customers your internal users have created to send quotes to.

  • You can filter the list by date and search for a client using their name of email. Once you have input the required dates or search text, click the Filter clients buttong to show all users whos details match.

  • The 'Export CSV' button will export the list of clients. The active date of search filter will determin which users are in the exported csv file.

  • The list details the users name along with contact details, and the number of models they have uploaded and orders they have made to help you see your higher value customers.

  • Clicking on the number of uploaded models will take you to the models page showing only the models that user has uploaded.

  • Clicking the number in the orders column will take you to the orders page showing only the orders made by that user.

  • The list can also be sorted by clicking the sort button.

  • At the bottom of the page you can see the page number and total number of contacts. You can also change the amount of users displayed on each page.

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