If you want to have a look at the automatically generated offer before confirming it you can now use "Submit for review". 

How it works:
First, flip the switch on the company page, Order and Payment section.

That's it. Your customer will go through the normal routine until he comes to the last but one page, where he sees:

Once he presses that, he'll see a confirmation that the order has been accepted for review:

At the same time an email will be sent to you: 

There's a link at the bottom of that email that takes you directly to your back office.

Have a look, change the price, add a discount, or cancel the order. Or if you like what you see (and we hope that is most of the time) switch the order's status, from waiting for Review to Waiting for Payment. Click "Save"

Your customer will get an email with an order confirmation and a payment request:

By clicking on the link he gets to the payment page, where he can make his payment and/or print his invoice:

That's it. We would like to thank two of our very active customers who helped to get this feature off the ground. 

As always, if you have any further questions, please use our chat or our email, helpdesk@digifabster.com, we'll get back to you. 

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