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Order review

For those who want to check before committing

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There are some cases in which a shop may want to have a submission for review. Some of these options can include custom materials, parts that are too large, large orders, fast lead times, or post-production options that need to be manually quoted.

This article will discuss how to configure these in DigiFabster.

There are two different options to manage this in DigiFabster:

A manual review will show the customer the price but will hold the order to review before payment.

TBD offerings hide the price until the shop reviews and submits the quote to the customer. Change the order review mode to payment after manual review and set the manual review threshold.

Configuring General Reviews

Setting up Manual review

General manual review can be configured in the settings> checkout tab.

Configuring TBD mode

There are multiple places where a tbd hold can be placed on an order. The company-wide settings are located on widget settings> general

Here you can configure the text shown to the customer and set two different tbd offerings.

The line item total threshold holds an order for review if any line item exceeds the value. Order total threshold hold and order for review if the total order is over the threshold.

Machine TBD Mode

In machines and materials, multiple more tbd thresholds can be applied.

On the machine page, you can set a tbd and manual review for the quantities of parts. This will hold a review if a customer is trying to order 10,000 of a single part through the tool.

The other option that a shop has is to add a tbd threshold based on lead time.

In the example above a customer can order up to 99 parts before being held for review on the standard lead time. Once a customer selects the fast option, any quantity over 9 will hold the order for review. This prevents customers from trying to order high quantities of parts on your fastest lead time.

The final option is configuring a tbd hold on a post-production. This is useful if a post-production needs a manual quote or needs to be quoted by an outside vendor.

In the example above, the trigger manual review is enabled. If a customer chooses anodizing this will make the entire line item a tbd lin

With a review set up, when a customer is ready to place an order, they will only be able to submit the order for review.

After reviewing the quote, you can send a final quote to the customer allowing them to pay directly through the tool.

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