In DigiFabster there are two basic ways of accepting orders from end users: Automatic (Instant Payment) and Manual Review (Payment after manual review). 

Both approaches have their plusses and minuses:
In the case of instant payment, you don't have the chance to communicate with the end user, for example, to give him advice on how to improve his order by taking advantage of discounts or optimized settings, before the order is confirmed by the system.
In the case of payment after manual review, you will have to check all requests for quotes, even the smallest ones, which may take up more time than the orders themselves are worth. 

To solve this dilemma we have now created a threshold value, above which all requests for quotes are switched automatically from the instant payment routine to the manual review routine.

Here is the short video of how this works:

How to get access to this feature?
First, make sure you have "Payment after manual review" selected.
A new field appears:

The default value is zero, which means that all requests for quotes will be handled by the manual review routine. As soon as you input a value greater than 0, 

any order with a value lower than the one you entered will be handled according to the instant payment routine, any order with a value higher than the threshold value will not accept payment but will request the end user to submit the quote for manual review:

Another condition to change instant payment with a manual review process is Per pieces

Change the value in the Manual review part quantity threshold, so if the end-user ordered greater than your set upped value, the system will require a manual review process.


To change it go to Machines & Materials -> Edit printer info -> (change Basic flow -> Advanced) and under the Machine Specs find "Manual review part quantity threshold".

When the end user does so you will get an email informing you that a quote is waiting for confirmation. You are asked to go to the order list in your back office, open the order, and either confirm it as is, edit it, or cancel it

Once you have finished reviewing the order you can change its status from "waiting for review" to "waiting for payment"

The end user will immediately get this email:

When the end user clicks the payment link, he can use that to make his payment, after which the order can be processed as usual. 

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