The DigiFabster repair and calculation engine has become much more robust, but sometimes mistakes happen. In this case the end-user, for reasons unknown, selects centimeters instead of millimeters as the unit of measurement of his model. 

I. e. the model is much bigger than the printer, and all materials become “unavailable” for this model. In the past the end-user would leave the page and you would not even know he had been there. However, we have now added a “add manual check” button which allows the user to ask for help. 

When he clicks this button he sees a short form where he can leave his email and his question.

You will immediately get the following message: 

If you click on the link, you get redirected here: 

You can now download the problematic file in question by clicking “Download” under the heading “Original model/file”. We suggest you change the file name to something that makes sense to you.

The model is much too big! You can then send an email asking the end-user (you have his address) what size he thinks his model should have and suggest he selects millimeters instead of centimeters when uploading.

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