Order Overview Page Guide
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The Order Overciew page is accessed by clicking on the Order ID or date on the main orders page. Once loaded you will be shown all the details relating to that specific order including the customer addresses, model details and and internal or customer notes.

Any text in blue can be edited to allow full control over the order. For example, modifying the price, changing the customer address details or adding a disscount.

  • The order number is shown at the top left of the order. This number is generated when the customer submits their order or you send a quote using the internal quotation tool.

  • Below the Order ID is a number of options to download packing lists of quotes and invoices, Repeat the order, in the even the customer wants to order the same products again and send a bill to the customer.

  • In the top right, the status of the whole order and the payment status are shown. You can manually change the status of an order by clicking the drop down arrow, selecting the status and clicking save. Selecting "Don't Send Notification to user" will stop the status change email being sent to your customer.

  • The customer details section shows the contact information for your customer and if they included any notes when ordering. You can also use the customer notes to add a mesage to your quote or invoice.

    *To show this on the document we will need to enable this, please get in touch if you would like to turn this on.*

  • The delivery details show the delivery address for the order allows you to add a tracking number for the customer to track their package once you have posted it. If you are using our easypost integration, this number will be automatically added along with and option to create a shipping label for the order.

  • The order details section shows all important information including how the order was submitted and the dates it was created, when it was placed and if it has been paid for.

  • The costs section shows any startup costs that have been added to the order, Tax, discounts and the orders total cost. You also have the option to add any additional services and asign a cost to these. This will then be added to the order total.

  • The models section shows all models that have been submitted in the order and the specifications for each of the line items including material, technology, and quantity. There is also details regarding the price to manufacture the part, the post process costs and any part specific discounts.

    Any internal notes about certain models and additional files related to the part are also shown here.

  • If added during the order process, the billing details will be shown in the Billing Details section. If the customer did not complete this section the details will be blank.

  • The payment details section shows important details regarding payment due dates, the remaining amount due and down payments. If a customer has paid with a purchase order, it will also be shown here.

    The payment link is sent to the customer in their order email. In the event they do not receive or delete the email, copy the link and send it to them. This will open the payment page for the order and allow them to pay if they haven't yet done so.

  • The management section allows you to end any internal notes about the order for example, highlighting any forseen problems, or packaging requirements for your team.

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