A new button has appeared in the DigiFabster back office, on the "Models" page. 

It's called "Full Report" and what it does is the following: After you've selected the period of interest (let's say last month) it will export all uploaded models with their name and author and, if applicable, the main data of the order involved, as a CSV file. After you've saved the CSV file you can import it into a spreadsheet program, using the following delimiters: tab, comma, semicolon.  
After import it should look something like this: 

Summing up the content of column H, order price, will give you a rough estimate of your month's turnover through DigiFabster, a formula like =COUNTA(E2:E11)/COUNTA(C1:C11) will give you the rate between models uploaded and models ordered.

We encourage you to use the analytical tools in your spreadsheet program to make weekly or monthly reports and thus track progress and change. Enjoy!

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