In order to help your shop get the most potential customers from organic search (Google), we highly recommend using white label package (included in Growth plan and higher) and set up your subdomain, e.g., to place the widget.  

If you'd like us to help with setup, please reach out at any time. 

Below, you'll find a recommendation on how to optimize your widget page or subdomain to increase visibility in search engines. 

Recommended Title Tag: 

3D Printing Quote From [Company] | Job Shop (or whatever term best fits your company) Pricing | [Full Company Name]

Example (sample company name: Noah's Shop)

3D Printing Quote From Noah's Shop | Job Shop Pricing | Noah's Shop

Recommended Meta Description:

Get a quick 3D printing quote from [company] for an accurate appraisal of your 3D printing job.

Recommended On-Page Copy:

This copy should:

  • Use keywords like "3D printing quote", "3D printing pricing" and "machine shop quote"

  • Incorporate the company's name

  • Include unique text from the company, which can be repurposed from "About Us" or "Services" pages based on their unique value adds

  • Include the list of materials, technologies and post production options that your shop provide to the customers


  • We also recommend that all companies add images, including their logos and any promotional images of their facilities or finished products.

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