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Facebook Ads is a powerful tool with a huge amount of demographic and behavioral data about your audience and that of your competitors. 

The first step is to go and create a business page for your company. We prepared the perfect list as beginner's guide, which helps you to set up and targets your customers:

  1. Define your customers using Audience Insights: select location, age and gender, interests, pages they like, lifestyle, education, job title, and more;

  2. Create a creative ad campaign and guide leads to your website or landing page;

  3. If you want to reach a custom audience, your contact list, or website visitors (retargeting), read this guide

For example, you're looking for advertising agency employees in Manhattan, New York. So your targeting should be based on demographics and industry. You can make it more detailed by adding more parameters, like job title, company name, etc.

When you are done with Audience targeting, go and play with the ad format. Here is one example:

The Facebook advertising engine gives you a perfect tool to chase your customers and then point your ad to the landing page or website with our widget. This is a very wide field for experiments, so be careful with your budget. 

To get the best results, make sure that you consider every step of the sales funnel:

  • Show the right message (value!) to the right audience;

  • Prepared landing page, which contains everything for decision making by the client: benefits, detailed materials info, 3d prints pictures, and call-to-action widget;

  • Set up all your pricing correctly, add post-processing options, discounts, etc.;

  • Monitor the leads that did not order (switch on lead notifications feature) to get them back to you by follow up emails

  • Make sure, that follow up feature is switched on, so your customers will receive the  messages to not forget to make the order (our built-in retargeting tool);

  • Finally, keep your customers up to date by changing the statuses of orders.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send a message to us. 

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