For Growth/Enterprise users: insert your email address here and your customers will see it when they receive emails from you. 

For Essential users: upgrade to Growth or Enterprise subscription plan to take advantage of this feature.

White Label

If you choose Growth or Enterprise plans, you'll have the opportunity to send 'white labeled' letters with your branding. We do not monitor or interfere with your customer dialogues, so your widget also will be white labeled.

Concerning changing the outgoing email address: It's not completely straightforward, because our host, AWS, wants to make sure you are not creating a robot. 

The process, step by step: 

  1. Change to a paid plan, see above.

  2. Fill in the desired outgoing email address.

3. You'll get an email from AWS:

In the email you will be asked to click a very long link:

Please just do that, the response should be this:

It will take a little time for the change to become visible in the back end. 

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