This article is part of our Quick Guide to Attracting 3D Print Business.

А lot is written about the creation of advertising campaigns in Google AdWords. We will only highlight the most important steps and give relevant references.

  1. Sign up for a Google Adwords account;

  2. Start with Keywords Research using Keyword Planner. Think about the words that you would Google if you were searching for the service that you offer. This tool allows you to find out the monthly search volume for your keywords.

  3. Then divide your keywords into ad groups. For example, if you offer 3d printing, keywords related to architecture should be grouped together, the same as words related to engineering prototypes should be grouped in another group. 

  4. Set up and create the campaign. Here is a practical guide.

  5.  Create your ads. You can create both display and text advertising. 

  6. Also, try to set up and use retargeting if you already have website traffic.

  7. Once you've read all the above, you're ready to set up tracking the results of your campaign, in real money terms, using DigiFabster's conversion tracking feature (available for all plans from Starter upwards). Please follow the instructions here, while choosing the following options: In p. 1.7 “Use different values for each conversion” should be selected (for order value passing)In p. 1.8 “Every”. P 1.9-1.11 you can set up to your taste. 

  8. Send us the tags GA_TRACKING_ID, AW-CONVERSION_ID, we'll make sure they are correctly installed on your widget. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to send a message to us. 

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