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Integrating with Xero
Integrating with Xero

Integrating with Xero allows DigiFabster Orders to sync to your accounting and booking software.

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Xero’s online accounting software connects small business owners with their numbers, banks, and advisors anytime.

Integrating Xero

To integrate with Xero, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to the Integrations Tab on the Settings page in your DigiFabster account

2. Click ‘Connect Xero’

3. After clicking the ‘Connect Xero’ button, you will be redirected to the Xero connection page.

4. Log in to your Xero account ( and follow the Xero instructions for allowing DigiFabster access to integrate with your Xero account.

**IMPORTANT** Please let our onboarding/support team know you've completed the above steps. Doing so will prompt them to complete tasks on their end and finalize the implementation of the integration. They will need up to five (5) business days to complete the implementation.

Once the above steps are completed and the onboarding/support team has finalized the implementation of your integration, your off-the-shelf integration will be live.

Integration Logic

This integration is a one-way sync from DigiFabster to Xero.

DigiFabster Orders with the Manufacturing Status of Placed will sync to Xero. Replacing the sync logic with an order status other than Placed is possible. If you require this change, let our support team know.

By default, the integration will create a Xero Contact and Invoice records.

Create vs Update Logic

After creating a Xero Contact record, the Name field is used to continue to match contact/contact records and sync any updated DigiFabster Contacts fields to the Xero Contact fields. Note: We do not store the Xero ContactID.

After first creating a Xero Invoice, the Xero InvoiceID is stored in DigiFabster. This ID matches orders/invoices and syncs any updated DigiFabster Order fields to the Xero Invoice fields.

When Are Updates Synced from DigiFabster to Xero?

Updates are synced from DigiFabster to Xero each time a DigiFabster Order is updated.

**IMPORTANT** Updates will only occur when the DigiFabster Order has a Manufacturing Status of Placed. When this status changes, updates will no longer sync to Xero.

What Fields Are Updated?

Updates occur to the same fields populated when a Xero Contact/Invoice record is created (see below for a list of fields included fields).

The logic above is considered off-the-shelf. If you require a different logic, we are happy to scope the required work and provide a quote for the custom development.

Field Mappings

The fields listed below sync one-way from DigiFabster to a Xero Contact record.

Xero Contact Fields

Name – DF Order company name (contact_name is derived from the DigiFabster Order address or from the first and last names, depending on whether the billing or delivery addresses exist)

  • FirstName – DigiFabster Order first name

  • LastName – DigiFabster Order last name

  • EmailAddress – DF Order email

  • ContactPersons – Array of fields: DigiFabster Order first name, DigiFabster Order last name, DigiFabster Order email

NOTE: The Contact and ContactPersons name and mail may differ. For example, if the order data has been changed and a request has been sent to Xero to update the data, the changed user data in the order will go to ContactPersons.

Xero Invoice Fields

The fields listed below sync one-way from DigiFabster to a Xero Invoice record.

By default, we sync – Type, Contact, SentToContact, LineItems, Reference, Total.

  • Type Xero internal invoice type. By default, this is set to “ACCREC”.

  • Contact – Xero Contact ID

  • SentToContact – Xero internal field. By default, this is set to “true”

  • LineItems – DigiFabster Order purchases (description, quantity, rate, discount)

    • description – string with next data. Order #<df_order_id>, Model <df_model_title>, Material <df_material_title>: <df_material_description>, Notes: <df_order_notes>

    • quantity – DigiFabster Purchase amount. Example: “10”

    • rate – DigiFabster Purchase unit price. Example “1000.01”

    • discount – DigiFabster Order full discount. Example: “85” formula: (1 - (1 - purchase.discount_rate) * (1 - order.discount_rate)) * 100

  • Reference DigiFabster Order ID

  • Total – DigiFabster Order full price, including delivery price

We also sync the DigiFabster Order startup cost and delivery price to Xero as a line item.

NOTE: Additional Invoice field mappings can be added to the integration. These are the Xero Invoice Fields that are available to sync to. You will need to let our support team know which DigiFabster field you would like synced to the additional Xero Invoice fields. For example, "I'd like the DigiFabster Order «address» field to sync to the Xero Invoice «ContactPostalAddress» field".

Optional Add-On

Additional Xero Invoice > DigiFabster Order Status logic can be added to your off-the-shelf integration.

Logic: When an invoice in Xero receives a PAID status, the associated DigiFabster Order Status is set to Free for Manufacturing.

If you require this add-on, please let our support team know.

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