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Adding new printers and materials

If a printer or material is not in the DigiFabster database, you can still use it. Here is how.

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The DigiFabster database contains a lot of machines and materials, but by its very nature remains a work in progress. This means that in some cases your particular machine or material will not be there.ย 

No problem. There are two ways to create a new machine.

Automatic Pricing

If this is the first machine we recommend using our Price matching tool to get you started. Please bear in mind numbers in the parameters may not exactly match your current process but our end goal is always to match your current pricing as best as possible. You can get to this option by hitting the "Add Machine" button on the Machines and Materials tab.

Once there you can select your technology and either select a machine from the list of the default machines or you can create a custom machine by typing the name of the machine and hitting the create machine button.
If you take a close look at the input fields of both printers and materials you will see the following features:ย 

Once you have the machine limits set and input the name of the material you are setting up you will be able to hit the automatic pricing button to take you through the price matching tool.

You can find more information on using the price-matching tool in this article.

Manual Pricing

Alternatively, If you are familiar with our tool and your pricing you can select the Manual Configuration tab which will bring up the full list of parameters that you can input values into.

Once you input all of your machine pricing parameters it will prompt you to create a new material for the machine and allow you to input the pricing parameter you would like to use for your material.

Hope this helps :-)

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