The DigiFabster database contains a lot of printers and materials, but by its very nature remains a work in progress. This means that in some cases your particular printer or material will not be there. 

No problem. If you take a close look at the input fields of both printers and materials you will see the following features: 

  1. The main input field. Once you start typing it will start preselecting your printer. This is not going to happen in your case, your printer just isn't in there.

  2. The drop-down list itself, again not relevant, your printers not in there. 

  3. A button "Add your printer". This is of immediate interest in this case. 

Your actions: Start typing your printer name. You will see this message:

Just click "Add your printer" and the printer is added. You then will have to fill out the printer envelope dimensions and other relevant parameters, and you're good to go. 

This works exactly the same for new materials. If you have created your own printer, the drop-down will show all materials for the given technology, but again you can add your own material, using the same procedure as above for new printers. 

Hope this helps :-)

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