DigiFabster has a feature called per part fee (PPF)

This PPF is used company-wide, for any technology, printer, or material. 

However, there may be cases, for example, when the material is extremely cheap or your clients prefer to order only small prints when you want to have at least some money for the job of set-up, printing, packing, and shipping. 

In those case, you need to trick the system. You will need a combination of two fields, for either ppf at printer- or material level.

PPF at printer level.

For PPF at printer level, you need these fields, printer page:

and material page:

PPF at material level
For PPF at material level you need these fields, material page:

and on the same page:

How does it work?

There is a rule in mathematics that any number elevated to the power of zero becomes 1. So if you put a price per cubic centimeter of $10 and this price gets multiplied by the volume of the model elevated to the power of zero, you always get $10 as a result. 

Now it would be much too simple if you could simply enter zero. The program sees a zero, entered in the volume discount exponent box, as 1. 

The trick is to enter a number close to zero, like 0.0001. 

A few examples on a spread sheet:

Or from the tool, my setup:


The result, with a bounding box of 5x5x5=125 cm3:

Hope it helps,
Your DigiFabster Team

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