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Simple but effective setup for HP MJF printers.
Simple but effective setup for HP MJF printers.

Which minimal set of pricing parameters to use to best reflect the specifics of the MJF process (MJF 4200 with PA12).

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A basic setup of MJF should take into account: 

  1. Material consumption: nylon plus fusing fluid: price per model volume (without supports, obviously :-). Material page

  2. Opportunity costs: any model being set up for printing takes up space, thereby hindering other models being printed at the same time: price per cubic centimeter bounding box. Printer page

  3. Detailing fluid consumption: detailing fluid is used to refine the boundary between fused powder and unfused powder: price of surface area. The same parameter takes care of the probability of optimization through nesting: the higher the surface area, the higher the probability of a complex and space-filling model. Printer page

The following settings seem to work well:
-Price per model volume: 0.20$
-Price per cubic centimeter bounding box: 0.04$
-Price of surface area: 0.05$

Some more extensive background on these settings you can find here.

Please enter them, taking account of your own currency, and then use the Price Tweaker to fine tune. 

Hope it helps :-)

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