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Easypost Integration
Easypost Integration
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Our Easypost integration has been developed to allow you (the manufacturer) to offer a variety of shipping options with live pricing directly linked from your chosen supplier. In addition to this we can also get the tracking information and shipping labels from the courier and allow you to print or download these directly from the order page in DigiFabster.

For more information on which couriers are supported by Easypost, click here

EasyPost Setup

To set up the easypost shipping, first notify us that you would like to activate the easypost integration. The easiest way to do that is via the chat icon on the bottom right of your account.

You will need to create an easypost account and follow the steps on their site to link your shipping accounts with your easypost account. Please note, while we will make every effort to help with this account setup, you will need to reach out to the easypost support team for any assistance relating to this account.

To connect your Easypost account to DigiFabster we will need the API key from Easy post. This can be found on you Easypost account under API Keys.

Send this key to us via the online chat or via email to and we will add this to your DigiFabster account. You then just need to activate the correct shipping carriers under the Shipping & Delivery tab in your account settings.

Once the API has been added, you've selected the correct Carriers in your DF account and providing your Easypost account has been correctly linked to your couriers account. You should start to see your shipping rates appear in the widget during checkout.

Shipping Label Generation

When a customer places an order and selects a shipping option that uses easypost to gather prices you will be able to generate a shipping label directly from the order page with the customer address.

Clicking the "Generate Shipping Label" button will load the shipping label for the order ready for you to download or print and attach to your parcel, ready for shipment.

Tracking Number

If a shipping label is generated and the shipping option included Tracking. The tracking number will be automatically added to the Delivery Details.

This tracking number will also be included on the status update email to your customer to inform them that the order has been shipped.

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