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DigiFabster Pay FAQ
DigiFabster Pay FAQ
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How to start using DigiFabster Pay?

All DigiFabster Essential, Growth, and Enterprise plan customers have access to DigiFabster Pay in the eCommerce widget or internal quoting tool.

To use DigiFabster Pay, you must verify your account, add business information in Settings - Payments (follow this instruction).

How much does it cost?

There are no setup fees, monthly fees, minimums, or hidden charges. DigiFabster charges a percentage of each transaction, so you only pay for the service when you use it.

If you're on the Essential plan (or legacy Starter), your fees are set at 4.99% plus banking fees for all digital payment methods.

If you're a Growth or Enterprise plan (or legacy Business) customer, your fees are set at 1.99% plus banking fees for all digital payment methods. The fee for wire transfers is set at 0.99%, plus any charges imposed by your bank for domestic or international wires.

Do you offer a discounted rates?

Custom pricing is available for companies with large payment volumes, high-value transactions, or unique business models. Please feel free to contact us here for further information.

What countries are supported?

DigiFabster Pay is currently supported in 46 countries, with more to come. A complete list of countries can be seen below.

What payment methods are supported?

DigiFabster Pay supports 40+ payment methods globally, including regular bank transfers in support countries.

Is the DigiFabster Pay tool secure?

DigiFabster’s payments tool uses multiple layers of security to protect sensitive payment information. Your buyer’s payment credentials are encrypted and tokenized to help ensure that unauthorized parties do not gain access to sensitive payment information. DF Pay utilizes Stripe's infrastructure, which is compliant, secure, and used by millions of businesses worldwide.

I am currently using PayPal. Why would I switch?

Paypal's requirement for users to navigate their website to establish an account to complete the purchase can decrease conversion. We recommend using DigiFabster Pay since its built-in DigiFabster checkout interface ensures higher conversion of up to 25%.

I am a current DigiFabster customer. How would I switch, and what will it change for me?

You don’t need to do anything. We’re migrating all current DigiFabster Pay customers to the DigiFabster Pay platform, so you can continue using the service as it is.

How does it differ from other solutions such as

DF Pay is integrated into DigiFabster's e-commerce user interface, enabling customers to pay upfront and immediately at checkout, improving conversion rates.

Also, DigiFabster Pay allows the generation of flexible digital & PDF invoices that can be used to deal with both small and large OEM customers.

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