Below is an overview of the steps you can expect to complete during onboarding. Each step will be completed in the order listed to set you up for success.

Your onboarding timeline is dependent on how quickly you can complete each step.

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Pricing is the heart of DigiFabster and what provides successful instant quoting, giving you time back in your day to focus on high-quality manufacturing.

Price Tweaking

Do you need to make slight adjustments to your pricing after using the price matching tool? Use the price tweaking tool to break down the complete cost of parts based on specific parameters you set.

End User Widget

In this step, you will get a feel for your customer’s experience by uploading models via your widget. This exercise will also allow you to make decisions regarding your customer-facing settings such as invoices (next step).

Widget Settings

Bring everything together by reviewing and adjusting each area of the Settings section. It’s here that you will find your customer-facing invoice details, notifications, order & payment details, and more.

Widget Style Adaptation

Included with Growth & Enterprise plans

Now that you’ve nailed down pricing, understand your customer’s instant quoting experience, and have adjusted your settings, it’s time to adapt the widget to your company's style.

Launch It!

Now it’s time to put the widget on your website, start taking orders, and market the tool to your customers/potential customers.

Off-the-Shelf Integration

Included with Growth & Enterprise plans

Your annual plan includes one off-the-shelf integration. However, it’s imperative that you have orders submitted through the widget first. When you have a good flow of orders coming through, simply let us know which integration you need and our Engineering team will provide the next steps for implementation.

Ongoing DigiFabster Support

We have technical support teams based in the USA and Europe allowing for 24/7 support.

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