1. Create a Google Analytics (Universal Analytics or GA4) and Google Tag Manager account if you don’t have one.

  2. Go to Google Tag Manager to set up your tags and triggers.

  3. First, you need to set up a tag of your GA Universal Analytics or GA4 to connect it with your GTM:

    1. Go to Tags

    2. Click “New”

    3. Tag configuration

    4. If you have the Universal Analytics account:

      1. Choose Universal Analytics

      2. Track type -> Page View

      3. Add new Variable

      4. Paste your tracking ID (UA-xxxxxxxxx-x)

    5. If you have the GA4 account:

      1. Choose “GA4: Configuration”

      2. Paste your Measurement ID (G-xxxxxxxxxx)

4. Then add a trigger, select All Pages - Page view

5. Setup your Event

  1. Again go to Tags

  2. Click “New” -> Tag configuration

  3. Select GA Universal Analytics or GA4

  4. Set Track type to “Event”

  5. Specify Event Tracking Parameters

  6. Select the GA variable you created when adding your GA tag.

  7. Click the trigger section, then click + icon, and then hit it once again in a new window to create a new trigger.

  8. Select “All elements”

  9. Select “Some Clicks” and choose “Click ID” (if there’s no Click ID option then click “Choose built-in variable” and select “Click ID”) -> equals

  10. Find your element/button ID here or just Inspect the element with your browser and find id=”some_id_example” then paste it.

12. Save it

6. Debug it with Google Tag Assistant

  1. Click Preview

  2. Specify a link where you’re going to track the Event

  3. Proceed to this page and hit the element/button you’re tracking

  4. Get back to Tag Assistant and make sure tags have fired

  5. Click Submit to publish your GTM.

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