Two discount types are identical in setup and almost identical in effect, the order and the batch discounts. You can find them here:

First click Discounts in the left hand taskbar, then "Add Discount" at the top of the page. A list of possible discounts will open:

this article discusses the last two. In fact, the "Batch" discount being slightly more complicated, I'll explain that one in full, the setup for the "Order" discount is the same.
I open "Batch Discount", this is what I see: 

I fill out the name of this discount, let's say "serial production discounts", added scale of bulk discounts, and selected from the materials list which materials I want to include on this scope of batch discount.

NB: "Identical" here means the same material, execution, and priority, all those things that make batch production possible. 

I have the choice to put info about this discount on the widget, but there's very little space there. For now, I'll check the box and fill out the form:

I save this discount, it's now on the list:

This is what it looks like on the widget:

The discount will become visible to the end user only at the summary stage. You may want to warn your end user about that.

And this is what the invoice will look like. 

The procedure for "Order" discounts, i.e. discounts for invoice values higher than a given sum is identical.

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