Let's have a look at customer view when he or she wants to select options from the material named "Material42"

This is the default view of Material42 which is set up by the company, and as you see there can be a lot of details where is important to have the right default values and post-production sorting for our customers to not get confused from a lot of choices.

So we make it possible to change display order from the back-office side, to make it possible you need to go Machines & Materials page and click on the edit button on one of your already created materials

Here you can find an Order of display fields under Layer thickness, filling, and post-production items

For layer thickness, filling 1-st value would be a default value, If you want to sort post-production items first you need to enable them and then edit the order of display value.

After clicking on the "Save Material" button your changes will be displayed on the customer side on your set-upped sorting way.

Here it is for our Material42.

Custom Options

We make it possible for companies to add their own groups of options and decide the order of display

By clicking on the "Add More" button on the materials page you can fill in the preferred options

and the end-user will see options with a drop-down field.

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