Product Tours

These tours are currently in a beta release if you encounter any errors please let us know!

At DigiFabster we have guided tours to help you navigate the platform and fully configure your account to start accepting orders. We recommend the following tour order.

Tour 1: Intro to DigiFabster -Time to complete 5 minutes

This tour will guide you through the back office and give an initial overview of the back end.

Additional Tours:

Tour 2: Creating a pricing algorithm -Time to complete 20 minutes

These tours will walk you through setting up a machine and material. This tour provided recommendations on pricing and how to configure a machine.

Tour 3: Shop Settings -Time to complete 15 minutes
The shop settings tour will walk you through configuring your account and preparing for customers to use the tool. This walks through configuring payments, taxes, and more.

Tour 4: ECommerce widget -Time to complete 5 minutes
The e-commerce tour will discuss how to install the e-commerce widget on your website along with a testing environment to test pricing algorithms and customizations.

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