Between uploading a model to going to on the cart, we lose approximately 75% of our end-users, so only 25% goes on to order confirmation and check-out. Roughly 1/3 of the 75% going off-line do so by clicking the "ask for help" link at the bottom of the "Price" page, see below:

Roughly half of the time when people "ask for help" they need advice with the choice of material. Since the number of people opting for the help link is approximately the same as the number of people going on to the cart, solving their problem should increase conversion by 50%. We decided it was worthwhile to try to fix this issue.

What we did was installing a material selection guide which you can find here: 

Once you click the text "Material Guide" you see this: 

On the screenshot above I marked in red a short explanatory video which you can also find here

The idea is simple: We provide you with 4 questions, the order in which you can configure yourself. They ultimately lead to 16 (groups of) materials, which you also select yourself from the materials in your back end. 

The questions are:
Full color/Monochrome?
Are visual or mechanical properties more important?
Unique (one-off) or for small series?

It takes some fiddling, but once you get used to the idea you will soon have a "tree" like this: 

That's the maximum, you can make it much simpler if you want. The only "rules" are: -Questions along one branch will not repeat themselves (we took care of that) and

- Every branch has to end in one or more materials, if not, the tree cannot be saved. 

Once you're finished, you save, switch on the material guide, and save again. 

On the widget, the following should appear: 

A link saying "Help me to choose material". 

The simulated end user in this case is someone who wants to make 30 copies of a plastic spare part. He clicks the "Help me to choose material" link and sees this:

He chooses Non-metal, and gets the next question:

He chooses monochrome, he doesn't need full color spare parts. Next question:

Visual or mechanical? For spare parts probably the mechanical properties are more useful. 

And last question: One-off or multiple copies? For a one-off FDM might be more suitable, but for multiple copies, I would choose SLS. And so does the system:

The end user clicks "Remember my choice" and returns to the widget. Now the widget will only show the selected material(s). 

It looks now like this:

If the end user is still not happy, he can cancel and start again. 

If you feel the questions are not clear enough, you can add a note here: 

and it will show up here: 

We encourage you to use this feature and would love to get some feed back on its setup and implementation.

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