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DigiFabster allows customers of Business & Enterprise plans to manage & schedule jobs using Trello.ย 

Here is how it works:

  1. The orders will appear on your Trello board only when the order status changes to Placed.

  2. Trello Boards

    Orders can be automatically generated on only one Trello board, but the company has an option to separate boards by technology (SLS, FDM, ...)

    1. All orders which are not on your list of technologies will be sent to another separate column on your Trello board

    2. There is also an option for you to have a card created on the board with the first purchased technology

  3. Titles and Description

    For Titles, by default, we sent the next template โ€“ Order id, Product title, and quantity.

    For Description, by default, we sent the next template โ€“ material title, material description, line item price, and URL for the model also thumbnails is getting from the last model in the list.

    For both, Titles and Description configuration is possible.

If you want to try this integration, please contact us.ย 

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