We get a lot of questions about print time calculations for powder bed techs, and at the same time, we can see what a lot of users are doing, often after we pointed them in that direction. 

What they do is, they choose a proxy for print time, the cm3 bounding box. 

How does this work? Assuming you know how to calculate your price per hour for the use of this printer, and you know that in general, a full batch takes, say, 48 hours, and you know the useful content of your print envelope, the calculation goes like this: price per cubic centimeter = (price per hour * hours for full batch) / cubic centimeters in envelope. 

Example: EOS EOSINT P760;
Print time full batch: 48 hours;
Envelope size 700x380x580 mm=70x38x58 cm = 154 280
Price per hour: 25 euros.
25 euros * 48 hours = 1200 euros for full envelope.
1200/154280= 0,008 euros per cubic centimeter. 

Bonus: This is one of the parameters you can use a with special discount, so models get cheaper as they get bigger.

Hope this helps :-)

Your DigiFabster team

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