One of our favorite customers, 3DK Store (Paris, France), came up with a question, and then answered it by themselves:
"I want to give my customers a discount for removing supports in PLA themselves, how do I do that?"
Turns out that -to my shame, I didn't know it-  you can input negative values in the post production options. 

So what he did was:

So a 0,01 euro price reduction per cm2 of the model surface. Clearly, this is not as scientific as it should be, he's assuming supports cover a certain average part of the model (1/5 if vertically oriented), but it's a nice extra feature to have, which saves him time and his customer money. In the case of #3Benchy, and with his setup, roughly 10%.

This is what it looks like upfront:

and with the option selected: 

Well, that works :-)

Hope it helps,

Your DigiFabster team

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