If you are already using DigiFabster and have the materials set up in the previous system, please familiarize yourself with these instructions in detail. You would have to start by migrating your settings into the new system.

If you are new to DigiFabster, you would set up your materials from scratch in the new system. 

The Materials and Test Upload tabs in the new system have been modified and improved (for the time being they are marked as ‘beta’), so the price checking via test 3d model upload would have to be carried out in the new widget.

Prior to conducting the move over to the new system, you can try out the new interface first.

For safeguarding your data against accidental loss, a parallel account with DigiFabster will be set up in your name. You can use that second account for testing the new system and getting familiar with it, without any risk to your current data and operations. For fast and convenient switch between the two accounts, please use the arrow in the top left hand corner.

To test the new interface in real time, please:

  1. Log in into the Backoffice (aka Management Console);

  2. Click on ‘Try New Material Settings’ on top of the page (for example, from your ‘Company Information’ tab).


During such testing, the information you put in does not synch between your two accounts.

After you test the new system and get comfortable using it, please click Migrate button on the top of the Materials page. To bring the number of possible mistakes to zero, this migration process is not automatic. Please NOTE that this migration is irreversible.

As soon as we receive your request for data migration, we will check data integrity and complete the transfer ourselves, and will notify you of progress within 24 hours.

Once this migration process is complete and verified, the test account will be deleted, and all the changes will be reflected in the new account. 

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