To set up a new company account you need to go through the following steps:

Go to Company page and add your company information. 

Please remember to save the separate parts. Please note that by “VAT/Sales Tax” we mean the VAT rate for this kind of activity, or Sales Tax in the US. In the Netherlands, for example, it’s 21%. In the US it varies greatly by state.


Connect your Stripe, Paypal, PayPro (Ideal) account to automate payments. If you don't have Stripe, Paypal or PayPro, you can simply generate invoices for customers through the back office.

Your address should be complete and correct. Only users in the USA should add a "State" to their address, others please select "none". 

About Shipping

If your clients are mostly local or domestic, it's more efficient to choose fixed costs, the widget will work marginally faster. If, however, you have international or even overseas clients, you're better off choosing the Shipping company option. If at the same time you have also local clients who prefer to pick up their own models, check the box called "Allow to avoid delivery address in order" 

Now choose the currency you usually deal in (below Company address). Your company is set up.

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