The definition of what we call a quote you can find on our pricing page: "a successfully uploaded model with instant quotation generated for the end-user", how we count and charge for them is in our Terms of use.

However, we find that there are still questions about this. Historically we had one model upload per quotation session, but at the request of many of our customers we have extended the number of models per session to 10, 20 or 30 models, depending on the subscription plan used. Hence, please keep this in mind: we still count every succesfully calculated model as a quote, even if it was succesfully calculated for only one of several materials. So, an upload of 30 models, each of which got at least one price specification attached, is counted as 30 quotes. 

We don't count quotes generated by employees of the customer, unless you use our Quick Quote tool for in-house quotes. Also, we don't count quotes (update December 2016) for models which were uploaded anonymously, meaning without end-user's contact information for you to follow up with. 

There are cases when the internet is very slow and an anxious end-user uploads the same model several times in hope that it somehow will speed up the process. For these cases we have an algorithm that works like this: "If the same model is uploaded within five minutes by the same end-user, then it does not count". 

In general: If you have questions about your bill, first check the "Client" page in your back end. You may see a lot of info (and new business) there. 

Another tip: Quotes = models - the things we mentioned above.
So to be completely certain, you can open your "Models", select the dates you're interested in, tick "all" and make a csv.

Then import in Excel, sort on Customer email,  file name and status. Throw out what doesn't qualify as quote, and use the Count function to count the remaining onces. Those are the quotes we've counted, deduct from them your free quotes for the period. The remainder is what we're going to charge you extra for. 

If you still have questions after that, please contact us at anytime and we'll find out a fair solution. 

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